New Sports Blog for Polk County

Take a gander at this: “Our mission is to be one of your go-to spots on the Internet for all the latest happenings in the world of sports in Polk County.”

That’s the mission of a new sports blog in Polk County. CatchCentralFlorida is the work of the staff at Polk County Sports Marketing. From a quick look at the home page it seems they plan to cover Baseball, Softball and the little sports, football, basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball. They’re even covering sports without a ball: auto, fishing, and “water sports.” There is even a place for golf news. Though why anyone would hit a ball and then go chase it is beyond me.

The blog has been flying under the radar for a few weeks. The first post on March 25th included a peek at why Polk County Sports Marketing started the blog: “We host more than 200 sporting events each year in Polk County and this blog will be a way to get the word out on all that is going on in the world of sports in Polk County – and beyond.”

A belated “Welcome.” If you like sports, or even golf, you should add CatchCentralFlorida to your feed reader.