I’m sure you’re reading all over the Ledger, Sentinel, and Tribune that the CSX Project has been derailed.

Don’t celebrate yet. As long as politicians are in session there is time for damage. Here’s a paragraph from the Sentinel story:

But by midevening, supporters were holding out hope that they had found a solution. They said language restoring the project could be added back to the bill once it reaches the House, which would then send it back to the Senate for a straight up-or-down vote Friday.

I have a question of my Winter Haven friends. CSX and Winter Haven officials have said that the Winter Haven Rail Hub would be constructed no matter the result of the Orlando component. (Even though there would be no need to move the Taft rail yard.)

Tom Palmer spoke to Bob Gernert, Nat Birdsong, Deric Feacher and Dave Dicke in Tallahassee yesterday. If their project is not in danger, why are Winter Haven officials in Tallahassee working the House and Senate?