JD, it’s because the system failed the people


“I still to this day don’t understand why the discussion’s about stopping the system, not about finding a way to make it work.” — J.D. Alexander

It’s about the arrogance of back room deals, lying politicians, business interests over the public interest, corporate welfare, tax waste, and poor planning., It’s about the fact that what some pro-CSX supporters call “discussion” others call public relation stunts, misdirection, and lying by omission.

If you haven’t read Inquiry: Train Plan Railroaded Secretly take a look. It’s the Ledger’s culmination of two months of reading records.

I could have saved them the trouble. Start with a primer, and a subscription to the Tampa Tribune.

But it is nice to see them in the game with what must be their eighth reporter on the story. You can’t claim their bench isn’t deep.

Yes, you can expect I’ll have more to say.