DLP Hosts Anti-CSX Project Rally

The Downtown Lakeland Partnership is hosting a rally against CSX this coming Monday April 21, at Noon. The rally, held in Munn Park, will feature speakers starting at 12:30.

Several speakers will address the crowd. Do your part to protest the state’s deal to give over $500 million to CSX, a company whose revenue rose 12 percent to a record $2.7 billion, at a time when the state is seeing record shortfalls and budget cuts.

The plan is bad for the state and great for CSX. There is a better way to provide commuter rail for the entire I-4 corridor, not just Orlando. There is a way for CSX to build the ILC without damaging Polk cities. We need to put this project on HOLD and explore these other options! Help us help YOU! — From a DLP email