Polk Moms join The Ledger

You may have missed the big story of the morning — PolkMoms.com was finally unveiled today. The new site is the Ledger’s latest entry in the spacious Polk online community. I’m not surprised they went after the lucrative “Mom” market. The product developed quickly and looks to be modeled after OcalaMom.com.

I wish Shawn Arnold and the Ledger great success.

The afternoon story was the Ledger’s purchase of the News Chief. I’m most interested in what the Ledger will do with polkonline.com. I don’t see a need for two daily news sites. I could see the Ledger using the site to go after the same sort of market as Lakeland.net hopes to capture. I’d really love to see the Ledger use polkonline.com to feature business and public relations blogs. Then PolkVoice could focus on the individual bloggers. The average joes and josephines.

Some might consider this burying the lede, but I’m announcing the “pre-alpha release stage” of a new site.

Yes, I wrote “new site.” As if i didn’t have enough to do, I’ve decided to introduce a blog called Metro I-4 News. As the name implies, the new site will look at the news iimportant to the region that is growing around Interstate 4 from Tampa east to Daytona Beach.

I don’t plan on writing any new articles for the site. However, two or three times a week I will add links to the major main stream media stories of the day. For the time being, Metro I-4 News will automatically collect the feeds of select area bloggers. My dream is the site will be a mix of blogs from East to West, and politically from right to left. Currently, both Sticks of Fire and Interstate4Jamming have agreed to let Metro I-4 News collect all their posts. I’m working on adding other political and hyperlocal blogs to the mix.

Eventually, I’d love to see a blogger driven site similar in scope and style to the ChiTown Daily News. For now, peek in on us as we evolve.