Local Moving Slow

Forgive the introspection, but you’ll have noticed posts have been less frequent as of late. I’m working on a major change for this site. The downside to being a one-person operation is that you sometimes must let some areas glide while you work on others.

We’re having the next Polk County Bloggers meeting Monday night (6:30 at Mimi’s Cafe) and I’m hoping to announce the change there. If I’m not finished, it may have to wait a day or two.

The area’s major continuing story, CSX and The Little Rail Hub that Shouldn’t, has been in the news and on the blogs. I hope to write a bit about the situation on Sunday, but you should take a look at Aikane Leo, a well-written Lakeland blog that is keeping up with the latest news.

The Phillies and Tigers got of town pretty quickly yesterday, and in an interesting way for the Phils. Check out the story in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

If you like chicken wings, check out Wingsday, a locally produced blog that critiques local wing establishments.

Ok, back to work. Enjoy your weekend.