In the News

Two interesting articles from papers that carry city names on the their banner:

Orlando-area commuter rail will require some bargaining

TALLAHASSEE – With the nine-week legislative session nearly one-fourth complete, Central Florida’s biggest priority — finalization of a $491 million deal to bring commuter rail to the region — sits stalled on the tracks.

The biggest reason: opposition from the city of Lakeland. — Orlando Sentinel

• The “biggest reason” isn’t the opposition from the city of Lakeland, which was late to the party. The biggest reason is the work of Sen. Paula Dockery, who listened when many of her constituents raised objections.

USF Study Says Red-Light Cameras Increase Accidents

TAMPA – Cameras at intersections increase, not decrease, accidents, according to a University of South Florida study published the day after Hillsborough County commissioners voted to allow the cameras at 10 intersections.

The university’s yearlong review, published Friday in the campus journal Florida Public Health Review, warns that drivers are at higher risk of having accidents at intersections where the cameras are installed. — Tampa Tribune

• This isn’t new information to those who’ve studied the issue. Kudos to the Trib for reminding people “The USF study shows that despite what backers of the cameras say, red-light running is not a growing problem in Florida.”

Finally, the article addresses what I’ve harped about every time this subject comes up: yellow light timing, “Instead of using cameras to catch red-light runners, the study suggests engineers look at the timing of yellow lights and make sure the signals are visible to motorists. That will do more to curb accidents than the cameras, which can cause drivers to speed up or slam on the brakes, said Langland-Orban.”