CSX Partners? CSX Friends?

I’m not local to Lakeland at the moment, but I couldn’t let this Tampa Tribune breaking news go unmentioned until Sunday:

Two state lawmakers could benefit from the state’s multimillion-dollar plan to help CSX Transportation expand its freight operations into a major hub in Winter Haven.

State Sen. J.D. Alexander, R-Winter Haven, controls a warehouse and distribution business that partners with CSX to serve warehouse customers near the proposed hub. State Rep. Marty Bowen, R-Haines City, owns property a few miles away along the CSX tracks, adjacent to the proposed hub site. — Two Lawmakers Backing Rail Hub Could Benefit Financially

I thought some of that news sounded familiar. On January 3rd, 2008 Trib reporter Billy Townsend wrote Atlantic Blue Buys Phoenix Industries.

Update: The first Trib link was breaking news. Here’s the regular article: CSX Hub Could Benefit Two Lawmakers