Zebdaoui’s Case of Mistaken Identity

If you’ve been near your email reader anytime in the last few days, you’ve probably been forwarded a copy of an email written by Ghassan Zebdaoui, a county employee making serious allegations against County Manager Mike Herr and some members of the County staff.

If you haven’t, read the only main stream media mention of the email at the Polk County News Blog. Tampa Tribune reporter sums up the most damaging allegations and starts the investigation into the matter.

I’m not going to publish the full email here. There are a few citizens mentioned, and I think it would be unfair to them if I published without contacting each for their statements. I’m not going to spend that kind of time on this story. I’ll wait to see what the Tribune, and hopefully, the Ledger uncover.

However, Zebdaoui mentions in his email a October 23, 2001 incident where his was arrested in a case of mistaken identity. I thought it interesting to research that point. You can read it at the Tahoe Tribune’s online archive: City official victim of mistaken identity in post-attack suspicions

As you read the article, remember the state of the country those few weeks after the 911 attack. I remember taking a flight not long after and watching airport security follow a man around simply because he looked “middle eastern.” I wouldn’t be surprised if there are not many men like Zebdaoui who have similar “arrest” stories.