Scan Polk County is 10-8

How many times have you heard or watched a Polk County Sheriff cruiser zoom down the road lights ablaze? Now, how many times have you wondered what was their destination? Or who were they chasing?

You could buy a scanner to listen to their calls or you could surf over to Scan Polk County, That site present live and recorded radio communication from the Polk County Sheriffs Office and Fire/Rescue calls. It’s a labor of love from an unknown Polk County resident who hooks up a scanner to the Net and a Georgia resident who hosts the hardware for Scan Polk County and 11 sister sites.

There is a handy chat room to discuss current events and police business. A link to the Polk County Dispatch and Status Codes so you understand the lingo. They even maintain links to interesting articles about police business and crimes.

I know I couldn’t leave the scanner on as background music, but it will be useful the next time we have a major crime event. I wonder if someone has plans to add Lakeland Police Department?

4 thoughts on “Scan Polk County is 10-8

  1. where is the guy from georgia at? did the site move or change?

  2. where is the guy from georgia at? did the site move or change?

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