Can You Help an Out-Of-Town Tigers Fan?

Spring training is just around the corner and our friends from Michigan are going to be here soon. Maybe a Lakeland local can help out Nick B. from Detroit….

Where can I find CHEAP hotel prices in Lakeland, Florida?
I am planning on going to Lakeland Florida to see the Detroit Tigers in spring training. I’m on a tight college budget. Where would you recommend me going/staying? Should I stay outside of Lakeland to cut the cost down?

I can careless if its a “crappy place” I will be flying out of detroit to orlando…*i believe that’s the closest airport to Lakeland)…so I won’t have a vehicle

Every hotel I find either doesnt have those dates available Mar 12-14 or there prices are way to expensive.

Any help is much appreciated.
Nick 21

You can find Nick’s question at Yahoo Answers and his email and IM addresses on his profile.

That reminds me…I have to finish my Spring Training page this week.