Bogs, Wanderers, and Ties, Oh. My.

In light of the Polk County Bloggers meeting (see below) I’d like to highlight three area blogs that don’t get a lot of press:

Bog It Blog features “information left from the Flotsam of Life” and is written by:

52 year old father of 5, grandfather of 2, married for 32 years to a wonderful woman. Twelve year veteran of Radio Broadcasting. Worked as Operations Manager, Production Manager, News Director, Morning and Afternoon Drive Time Announcing. Later, Involved in Micro-Computers. Worked as a Computer Consultant and Advisor. Been involved in Computers from the beginning. Believe it or not, trained in collators, card punch machines, mini-main frames, main frame computers. Experienced in early computer kits, 8 bit to 16 bit to present computers. Currently Disability-Retired. Living his life ON-LINE to the world! — Bog it Blog About Page

Knot a Blog is all about the ties that local resident Michael Segers owns.

I had very few ties, and as expensive as ties are, I began shopping for ties in thrift shops. One day, I found a tie covered with script and drawings from Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks. Something clicked. Wearing a tie like that could be fun.
What a novel idea! Wearing a tie could be… fun? — From the first entry on Dec. 12, 2005

Wendy Usually Wanders is about “An old RV, a dog, a cat and a crazy woman travel the US” except lately Wendy has spent a lot of time not wandering in Lakeland. In a recent post she writes of a trip to our local Goodwill store:

Ummmm…I wasn’t feeling much good will when Judy and I went to the Goodwill store. The prices are crazy! Almost everything in there is cheaper new. I don’t get it. Is it some sort of a tax write-off boondoggle? I saw a couple of “executives” in an office…all dressed up and their cars out front were expensive. This is a HUGE store. It must cost a fortune to heat, cool and light, plus it was way over-staffed. This place must benefit somebody, but it’s not poor people or anyone who wants to buy stuff at a good price! Does anyone know why Goodwill is like this? — Jan 25, 2008

That leads to a reminder that the next Polk County Blogger meeting will be this Monday, February 4th at 6:30 p.m. at Polk County’s Unofficial Blogger’s Haven — Black and Brew ( 205 East Main Street )
You don’t need to write a blog to attend. You’re invited if you’re reading this, or if someone is reading it to you.