One New & One Returns

You might have caught the video yesterday showcasing the Farmer’s Market over at Tales from the Delk Side.

Lorrie linked to her friend Darby, the videographer for the piece. Darby put together the videos you’ve seen on Lakeland Local, but more importantly, she’s started her own blog, Darby is a dynamo that I predict will make quite a splash blogging. Her posts already show a keen sense for what is happening in the area. Plus, I have a great and profound admiration for anyone who gets in line at 6:43 am for Spring Training tickets.

Welcome to the club, DarbySea.

I received a comment today on the I-4 Pileup post that brought good news. Robert and I4Jamming are back! I had kept Lakeland’s premier national and state political log on my blogroll though the site stopped publishing in October.

Robert decided to return at a new address: Since I was monitoring the old address I missed the Christmas “adam” return:

It has been awhile, but just in time for Christmas, Interstate4Jamming has returned to the blogging world! Thanks to everyone who for the past several years have visited and provided support to the original blog, and I hope that this new endeavour will be fitting of that same level of loyalty and support. — Interstate4Jamming2

Welcome back, Interstate4Jamming.