Map: Phonebook Recycling

It’s January and the City of Lakeland Solid Waste Department want you to pull out your old phone books. From now until the end of February you can easily recycle your phone books by any one of these methods:

• Placing them in your recycling bin on your scheduled pickup dayas long as you do it before 6 am and not when it is raining

• Taking them to one of the recycling centers we’ve mapped below. Apartment dwellers and small businesses can also participate by using the recycling centers.

• If your company has a lot of phone books — we’re talking to you Geico — call Solid Waste ( 834-8778 ) to schedule delivery of special recycling containers.

If you have a question call Debbie Almon, Solid Waste Field Supervisor, 834-8778

Click an icon to get directions to that recycling center. Click the map title for a full page view. Map – PhoneBook Recycling