LPD K-9 Bite

Lakeland Police reported today that during a landlord tenant dispute a K-9 bit a 14 year-old girl. The incident at 1440 1/2 N Lincoln Ave was described in a LPD press release.

K-9 Officer Ted Sealey was present on the scene and speaking to a citizen when the citizen gestured and made contact with Officer Sealey’s uniform shirt pocket. Officer Sealey keeps his canine deployment device in this pocket. The deployment device allows the vehicle door to automatically open to deploy the K-9. The citizen contact caused the deployment door to activate and Officer Sealey’s K-9 partner was released from the police vehicle. The K=9, Bodo, instinctively reacted as trained to protect Officer Sealey and bit a 14 year old girl who was standing next to Officer Sealey.

As the time of the press release, the girl was at Lakeland Regional Medical Center being treated for minor injuries.