J. Seward Johnson Statues

At darbysea I read about the return of the J. Seward Johnson sculptures to Lakeland.

Since I wasn’t here the last time, I went to check out how lifelike the sculptures really look. I have to say they’re really well done. The sculptor seems to show that child in the red jacket a lot. I guess she’s his daughter.

J. Seward Johnson Statues in Lakeland FloridaSisters helping each other with those pesky shoelaces.

J. Seward Johnson Statues in Lakeland FloridaIt must have been quite a few years ago the statues were last in Lakeland. That father and daughter are reading The Lakeland Ledger. Both seem a bit surprised at something. I peeked at the paper. I think they were reading Mary Worth.

Photos CC by Chuck Welch