Election Coverage

Sure, you can read the Ledger or the Tribune to get your Florida Primary coverage, but did you know the Epoch Times also covered the Florida primary? You’ve never heard of the Times?

The Epoch Times is a privately owned, general-interest newspaper, originally published in Chinese. According to their own statement the founding Epoch Times started publishing to provide what they see as uncensored coverage of events in China and has been in continuous publication since May 2000. Headquartered in New York, the newspaper has local bureau and a wide network of local reporters throughout the world. Currently distributed free-of-charge in roughly 30 countries worldwide, The Epoch Times maintains editions in English and Chinese as well as nine other languages in print, and 17 languages on the web. It is often associated with the Falun Gong spiritual discipline. — Wikipedia

The Epoch Times had a reporter in Winter Haven doing exit poll interviews:

An Epoch Times reporter interviewed exiting voters outside a polling site in the small town of Winter Haven, where most voters seemed to support Republicans, and for reasons more varied than in other regions. — Epoch Times

The Epoch Times reporter, James Fish, photographed and quoted Winter Haven residents Ruby Parker, Melvin Parker, Todd Weihmeir, Caroline Hamm, Bruce Hughart, and Kevin Kibbee. Oddly, each person quoted in the story voted Republican. Looking for the results in Precinct 337 (assuming the pictured precinct sign was where Fish was stationed) there were 593 Republican votes compared to 371 for the Democrats. You would think at least one Democrat would have given a good quote.