This and That – Flu Season Edition

Pardon me if I don’t shake hands today. It’s for your own protection. I’m recovering from the flu.

First off, some out-of-town articles concerning local news:

The investigation into the slaying of Elmhurst resident Albert Seaburg outside a Tallahassee, Fla., motel in 1997 has gone cold, but authorities hope a game of poker in prison can produce some clues. — Prison poker cards seek leads on homicides – Chicago Tribune

Funding for the new University of South Florida Lakeland campus was a top issue for the Polk County Commission when officials recently met with the local legislative delegation to talk about 2008 priorities. — Polk County has a wish list for state lawmakers — Orlando Sentinel

The article includes notes on Polk County’s other priorities.

In the “He said it better than I did” department, the Ledger’s Lonnie Brown discussed the recent Lakeland Chamber of Commerce election bungle:

Not owning one’s home base really doesn’t teach responsibility or instill good civic values, does it? Perhaps the chamber would like to get an appraisal and start talking to the city about buying the building so it, too, can experience the “obligations that come with that duty.” — Re-examine Home-Ownership Issue

In the “Don’t Miss This Department – Downtown Edition” Cat Carter tells the story of a Lakelander who got away, but thinks Jacksonville could learn some lessons from our little town.

Over at Tales from the Delk Side: Lorrie Delk Walker wrote that Volunteers is Service to the Elderly (VISTE) needs volunteers. I think I need to put up a quick list tomorrow of last minute holiday volunteer needs. If you have any ideas…drop a comment. Thanks.

If you have a minute, Lorrie could also use some help with her toe.

There was quite a bit of CSX news this past week. I’ll have links, and some comments, later today.