The Comics

The comics are a very popular part of a newspaper. I once worked at a paper that didn’t solicit reader input before dropping a strip. The reader response wasn’t pretty. The Ledger isn’t making the same mistake.

Back in February, Ledger Managing Editor Lenore Devore solicited reader help regarding making changes in the comics. In October, she again asked for comments online and in print.

I didn’t see a column about today’s print edition. On D5 are seven comics the paper is considering. They’ll run the seven for a week and print a ballot. I think that’s a great idea. You can’t get a feel for a comic with just one panel.

It doesn’t look like the comics are the most recent panels. I’d hazard a guess they are examples the publishers use to showcase the best of the comic.

To make it even easier for voters, I’m linking to all seven comics: The title is either an information page or home page, and “current” is a place you can see current panels (when possible)





My Cagecurrent

The Pajama Diariessamples Oddly, I couldn’t find current strips anywhere.

Sherman’s Lagooncurrent

PS: Inside Scoop hasn’t had an entry since early November. Has Devore given up on blogging?