Seeing Lakeland with Fresh Eyes

It never hurts to see your town through energized eyes. When a stranger comes to town, they often give recognition to the people and places we take for granted.

When Chris DiDonna, a student at the University of Central Florida, decided Friday to get a haircut he had no clue it was the start of a road trip….

The two friends that were with me while I was getting my hair trimmed have always been trying to convince me to travel an hour and a half to their town of Lakeland. They brag and brag about how much fun, quiet, and creative it is there.

Creative, quiet, and fun? Are they agents for YLakeland?

What did he find on his trip? Did Chris miss Lakeland and end up in Plant City? Did he find himself caught in a rumble between USF marauders and FSC berserkers? Did he decide Lakeland is an “endless archipelago of fast-food joints?”

I’ll simply tell you Mitchells, Munn, Marsh, and Morton figure in, but you’ll have to read his entry to get the skinny.