Review: Oct/Nov/Dec 2007

…12And we finally wrap up this year on Lakeland Local. Will someone next December please remind me to do a top ten list? Thanks.

• We made a modest proposal that would solve the problems of the Tampa Bay Rays, and make more money for Polk County than the CSX Rail Hub and we asked Santa for some presents for a few Lakelanders.

• You might notice that we’re proud when our little operation breaks a story locally. It’s a little thing, but it makes up for the really lousy pay. We let you know the Thunderbolts are skipping next season, the Flying Tigers are getting a new manager, the new Dixieland street signs, A Question For Republican Presidential Candidates, Lessons Learned in Lakeland Schools, the chutzpah of the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce, Lakeland Drug Distributor Sanctioned.

• We wondered why the Ledger didn’t delve in deeper into the Scott Lake Elementary principal’s past. We found some information that led to a few questions.

• Of course the CSX Rail Hub was in the news: CSX DRI Pre-Application Meeting I, Wither 8500?, Eat. Shop. Play. Live. Legislative Scrutiny, DRI? What DRI?, Lakeland’s Lobbyist?, and CSX Hmmmm?

The Hollywood Librarian had it’s Southern Florida premier at USF Lakeland

• We found some fun information in the Citrus and Chemical S-4.

• We had video on Lakeland Local! Festival Hispano, and Snowfest 2007.

• We discussed the Evolution of News as the evolution story broke. By the way, I really liked Heidi’s comment on that post. I think she’s right.

• We commented on the Dangerous Weapons that many call “photos.”

• The comments about biking in Lakeland was a good example of bloggers adding to each other’s work.

• We hated the fact it was beginning to look like Christmas before Thanksgiving.

• We looked into how much water Florida Southern plans to use on the Waterdome.

• Based on an article by Lorrie Delk Walker we put up the Lakeland Free Wifi map.

And, finally, we had the crazy idea to present a review of the more important, or more fun, articles presented on Lakeland Local in 2007. We promise a much shorter review next year.

Have a great 2008!