Review: March 2007

3March, when Lakeland turns to baseball, name changes, and red light cameras…

We started a bit consternation when we took the news out of the focus groups and into the streets that USF Lakeland wanted to change its name. The local Main Stream Media caught up a few days later.

“The whole concept of The Artist Within is a place where artists can work, sell, and teach from. I’m an artist. I love to teach. And, of course, sell my work. But I couldn’t find it all in one place. When I first started the business two years ago I had been actively looking for somewhere in this area where I could do that, ” Raulerson said.

We had a series of articles on Red Light Cameras in Lakeland and presented the first Lakeland Crime Map.

“Just because we’ve ruined 90 percent of everything doesn’t mean we can’t do wonderful things with the remaining ten percent!” Those looking to ally Polk County with our neighbor to the East should read National Geographic’s Orlando Beyond Disney

• I found out exactly how responsive one section of Lakeland government could be in A Tale of Two Solutions

• I had a few photos just before the auction of long-time Lakeland favorite Oxford Lumber.

• In news that will continue to alter life in Polk County for years to come, J.D. Alexander unilaterally moved Polk County out of the Tampa Bay Transportation Authority

The Tigers and Red Sox had a scrum.

• There was a rally for peace in front of Southgate.

• We took some photos of the newly installed sculptures on Lemon Street

• No one told me Florida had tornadoes.