Review: July/August/September 2007

7 8 9We’re at the halfway mark reviewing Lakeland Local in 2007 and I do believe we packed most of the news into the first half of the year…

• It’s apparent that CSX is the story of the year in Lakeland. We reviewed a letter the company sent here. we even revieed the letter sent by the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce here. There was also a report on CSX Wages and not what they said, but how they said it.

• The Downtown Lakeland Partnership held their first big rally against the rail hub in August.

• We wrote about tax rates. Sure, that kept everyone on the edge of their seats.

• There was a podcast. On taxes. On Lakeland Local. Seriously, a podcast.

• We also got caught up in the Bill Henry story.

• We championed the new green bags at Publix.

• We also published a little insider information on USF Lakeland’s new library.

• If you ever wondered when those ______ Ledger rants started…it was here.

• We featured Cat Carter of the Lakeland Economic Development Council.and YLakeland. If this is the future of Lakeland, we’re going to do very well.

You too can be a blogger.

• We live blogged the meeting with Tom Pelham.

OK, three more months to go…