Review: January 2007

1 For the remainder of the year we’re going to highlight stories featured on Lakeland Local in 2007. First up, appropriately enough, is January 2007.

Lake Hollingsworth UFO Incident: Yes, Lakeland Local had the first photos of the now famous Lake Hollingsworth UFO

Circus Boy Nathan: “Remember the circus that visited the Lakeland Center last weekend? Well, our coffee shops were being judged by “Circus Boy Nathan.” When Nathan isn’t working at the circus, he searches for his love, Mocha Latte. He’ll visit area coffee shops to find the best mix of chocolate, espresso and whipped creme.” He also wrote a song dedicated to the city.

Burglary near Lake Hollingsworth: “The robbery began innocently enough. An elderly Cleveland Park man answered his door to find a stranger. The man explained he worked for the city and needed access to the resident’s back yard.”

Louisville and Lakeland: I spoke of Lakeland in terms other ex-Louisvillian’s would recognize.

Shooting Pictures in Lakeland: The Polk Museum of Art and I disagreed about taking photos at the museum.

You Got TV in My Newspaper: Our favorite local newspaper debuts video. They’ve come quite far in a year.

Polk Blogger Divide County: We had our first meeting of Polk Bloggers. I included a few pics.