Review: February 2007

2Continuing our year end review with the shortest of months…

Welcome (back) Barry, and Hello Lenore, Cary, and Bill: In a nod to the future, our local paper starts blogging. By year’s end it seems half the news staff has a blog.

Moody’s said Lakeland ranked 4th in their list of the Best Places to (Still) Invest.

We wrote about an Entertainment Weekly writer who didn’t think much of Lakeland in Can you say “archipelago?” I knew that you could.

February had a lot of Spring Training posts and a bit about the Lakeland Library Special Detroit Tigers Photo Collection.

Hazel Haley got a lake. OK, they named a lake after her.

• Ray Barlow came all the way from Canada to take some really nice photographs on Lake Parker.

• There was a bit of a dust-up concerning Organizational Blogs and Main Stream Media in Blogrolls and PR Blogs