Review: April/May/June 2007

I realized the monthly reviews seemed to be day-by-day reviews. So, for the rest of the year, three months per review article. First up…

4April in Lakeland…better than Paris, Texas

• The CSX Hub story blew up in April. Imagine that. It had been in the news for a year and then it took off.

• We featured our first annual Frances Langford article.

• The Top Ten Crash Locations were a hit.

• Ever wondered how long it takes a train to pass an intersection. We figured it out.

• We asked what the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce had to hide. Twice. Thrice.

• A monument to the Confederate Army Veterans was dedicated in Roselawn Cemetery.

5May 2007 in Lakeland Local

• We introduced the Lakeland Neighborhood Boundaries Map

• For Lakeland resident Ken Peck, the message was coffee

6June 2007 in Lakeland Local

• We had the first article on Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Polk County and that the Florida Southern College campus was added to the World Monuments Fund 100 Most Endangered Sites list.

• We profiled Lakeland artist Richard Pearson.

• There was a big CSX meeting in Lakeland that was open to the public. We had some quick thoughts, and then some more thoughts. Then there was another meeting. With even more thoughts.

• In other CSX news we asked if the Proposed I-95 would affect the Polk Rail Hub? Then we created a handy train speed guide and finally, we wrote It isn’t about sound, it is about traffic.