Reading Lakeland Local

There are many places to read Lakeland Local. We’re making a couple of changes that might affect you, so I thought I’d list the ways to get this site:

You probably read this site in your browser, but some subscribe to the site in their feed readers, and a few get it emailed. Let’s look at all the proper methods and addresses:


• The site is published at If you use a browser, that’s still the best place to find the latest entries.

• Through an arrangement with the Ledger, every post has been reprinted at Polk Voice. Starting today, that fine publication will carry only a summary of each entry, but their entry title will link back to the full entry at Due to computer lag, the entries at Polk Voice are usually published two to four hours after they are on the main site.

• For the few who find blocked by their employer, we have an archive at


• A feed is a simple way to read many websites without clicking bookmarks to each one. Plus, you don’t have to check to only find they have no new entries. You might have directly subscribed to Lakeland Local when we first started publishing. We’d like to ask you to join newer subscribers by clicking the link below:

 Subscribe in a reader


• Some choose to receive entries in their email. You can easily Subscribe to Lakeland Local by Email.

Mobile Devices

• Those with an iPhone (Hi Josh) or Blackberry (Hey Barry) can read a special version of Lakeland Local formatted for small devices.

That’s the end of the list. If you have another favorite way you’d like to read Lakeland Local, please leave a comment.