It really is about quality of life

Even though we are in times of economic stress, when teachers, school nurses and other government employees are losing their jobs because of belt-tightening, and though it wreaks of elitist, good ol’ boy backroom home cooking to give a private corporation nearly a half-billion dollars of your money, who would be surprised? — $491 Million That Slipped By Under Wraps

That’s Daniel Ruth in his column this morning. I thought it would make a nice lead to a reminder about Friday’s meeting with Transportation Secretary Stephanie Kopelousos and District 1 FDOT Secretary Stan Cann. They’re coming Friday at 2 pm to the Lakeland City Hall commission chambers to discuss the CSX project. I believe Polk County Commissioner Jean Reed will attend.

I also found a couple of interesting quotes in my reading:

“We have to get to the grass-roots level.” she said. “Wherever we go, we should be talking about this. At the end of the day, it’s all about quality of life.” — Kopelousos on green growth at a Central Florida How Shall We Grow? meeting in August 2007.

Kopelousos assured the board that Gov. Charlie Crist is a strong supporter of public transportation and its importance to South Florida. “We believe in what’s happening down here,” she said. — Kopelousos at a meeting to discuss a deal for the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority to take over train dispatching and track maintenance for the area. Why does the authority want to do that? “Over the years, the authority has accused CSX of running slow-moving freight trains during rush hour and allowing crews to work past assigned hours, causing delays to commuter rail service.”

If you plan to attend the meeting and could take notes for me, please leave a comment. I’ll be there for a few minutes, but have to leave early. I trust the meeting will be videotaped, as was the last one (video), but I don’t how quickly it will be placed online.