Email Woes

There is nothing I dislike more than email. It follows Sturgeon’s Second Law: 90% of everything is crud. I’d say that would be 99% in the case of email. I get so much spam through my Lakeland Local, freelance, and personal addresses that I spend too much time each day looking for diamonds in the sand.

When I have a mailbox fail, as I recently have, it sometimes takes me days to discover there is a problem and then an hour tracking down the problem. That has happened to me — again.

If you’ve sent any mail to me at LakelandLocal since late December 18th….I may have received it five minutes ago. Or I may never receive it. If you expected an answer, and don’t get one today, I didn’t get your email.

I’d like to say this is rare, or that it will never happen again, but I won’t. It isn’t rare. It will happen again. I apologize for the people who created the SMTP, POP, and IMAP standards. They had no idea it would become so unstable. It is time to trash all email standards and start from scratch.