Do As I Say, Not as I Do Dept.

You might have read this tale of woe today in The Ledger:

Polk County came out unscathed in the state investment pool controversy, Clerk of the Courts Richard Weiss told the County Commission today.

Weiss said he had withdrawn Polk’s $450 million in investments by Nov. 28 when it became clear there were potential problems in connection with Polk’s investment policy.

“I had a couple of sleepless nights,’’ Weiss told commissioners. — Polk County Investment Pool OK

Now compare that to this telling quote from Saturday’s The News-Press:

“‘Had we all just held tight, most likely no one would have lost a nickel,’ said Polk County Clerk of Courts Richard Weiss, who admits he was at the front of the pack in the run by withdrawing $450 million earlier this month. – Local governments turn to state for investment fund reassurance

I think the headline for this entry adds all I need to add to those quotes.