CSX Roundup – Late edition

Well, we finally got that meeting with Florida DOT, and it was as raucous a crowd as I’ve seen.

I suggest you watch the entire 2 hours 48 minutes and 10 seconds for yourself.

The Downtown Lakeland Partnership‘s Executive Director, Julie Townsend, didn’t get the opportunity to make her full presentation. You can read the PDF file at their site.

And now to the links:

Dec 7, meeting in The Ledger and the Tribune. Good coverage by both papers. The Ledger’s Allen has covered the story before, The Tribune’s Parker was filling in for a vacationing Patterson. You can see a part of the crowd here.

Dee Dee Chiavuzzi was there and published her thoughts:

The Ledger’s Tom Palmer watched the meeting on video.

Before the meeting the Tribune’s Daniel Ruth weighed in on the State, CSX, and the money.

Polk County area state representatives and senators got together in Bartow on Dec. 4th. CSX was discussed. Dee Dee Chiavuzzi was there: Polk’s Legislatures All Together

12/06/07: CSX Profited From Having Jeb Bush Broker State-Paid Rail Changes – Ledger, Leter from C.C. “Doc” Dockery

12/04/07: Official Has Issues for CSX Impact Forum – Ledger, Palmer

12/03/07: County Commissioner Jean Reed Wants Polk Concerns Voiced at CSX Forum – Ledger, Palmer

12/01/07 All aboard – Sentinel, Editorial

11/30/07: FDOT, CSX Transportation Execute Commuter Rail Agreement – FDOT Press Release

11/30/07: Orlando-area commuter-rail deal means 2010 launch – Sentinel, Hamburg

11/30/07: State Finalizes Rail Deal With CSX – Tribune, Patterson

11/29/07: Under Plan, Florida Agrees To Give CSX $491 Million For Commuter Rail, Freight Lines – Tribune, Patterson

11/28/07: Lack Of Debate On CSX Rail Deal Riles Lawmakers – Tribune, Patterson

Other sites covering this story this week: