Why I’m Thankful

My daughter is gathering toys and I have just a minute. I thought since it is Thanksgiving, I’d write about one of the reasons I’m thankful.

Yesterday, I was sitting at my desk hard at work. My six year-old daughter walked by and asked what was planned for tomorrow. I told her that she and her mother would watch the parade while I worked on my computers. (It’s a rare off day where I would have time for maintenance.)

She smiled and went off to play.

A few minutes later she gave me a sheet of paper. She had drawn a picture with two images. On the left, labeled “today,” she was typing on a computer. On the right, labeled “tomorrow,” she and I were standing next to one of her toys.

She had written: “From: Gigi To: Dada, Tomorrow play with me.”

She explained it was a note to get me out of work. Like the ones I give her when she has to leave school.

So, today, I’m off work. I’ve got a note.