What to do tonight?

You’re counting the last minutes before you leave work. You’re about to call home and see what the family has planned for tonight. I’ll save you the call. It’s dinner and TV for this Thursday evening.

Time shift CSI. I hear Jorja Fox’s departure isn’t Emmy worthy.

Instead, I suggest heading down to the Polk Theater for the 7 pm show. Old architecture, nice acoustics, and a riveting storyline.

Yes, the CSX Public Forum is the Polk’s first-run show for tonight. The headliner was announced just today. Rep. Dennis Ross will be there to hear what Lakeland concerned citizens think of that rail hub planned for central Polk County.

Here’s the agenda set by the Downtown Lakeland Partnership:


Summary of the Key Facts/Issues

Presentation of the Goals:

1. We want state hearings before any money changes hands between the state and CSX.
2. We want the legislators who helped FDOT slip the $491 million dollars into the budget to step
forward, be identified and defend their actions.
3. We want Governor Crist, the people’s governor, and FDOT Secretary Stephanie Kopelousos to travel
to Lakeland and explain to us why it is necessary to harm our city to theoretically benefit Orlando.

Presentation of the action plan to accomplish these goals and the public’s role

Public Questions/Discussion


See you there!