New Street Signs Promote Dixieland

New Dixieland Street SignYou might have recently noticed new street signs popping up on South Florida just south of downtown. The red and white signs are a part of an effort to publicize the Dixieland Community Redevelopment Area (CRA). The Dixieland CRA (map) is not to be confused with the Dixieland Historic District (map). The Dixieland CRA was created to maintain the area’s identity while helping promote businesses and property owners. The area is managed by an advisory board; while the city’s Division of Community Development is the department that works with the CRA boards.

The signs were developed because the Dixieland CRA advisory board wanted a way to promote the district to those driving down South Florida. Looking at a map (see below) the popular road appears to e the Dixieland CRA’s spine. A graphic artist worked with the agency to develop street signs that would showcase the area. The final design included the Dixieland name, a distinctive “swoosh”, and a red and white color scheme. None of the items were traditional to the area, but their combination received a favorable response from the board. The new signs are just the beginning to a revitalized effort to promote the area.

Logo proposals are in the board meeting minutes from March 2007 (pdf) and May 2007 (pdf). More recent board minutes are not currently available, but should be online later today or tomorrow.

For more information about the Dixieland CRA call 834-6011 or visit their website. The Community Redevelopment Agency’s FAQ contains other helpful information.

Approximate Boundary Map of the Dixieland CRA

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