Meet the Bloggers

This notice has been sitting on the sidebar for a couple of weeks, but I thought I’d post it here for those last minute people in the audience.

The next Polk County Blogger meeting will be in Lakeland. The wonderful thing is neither Josh nor I organized this one! There is new blood in the local blogger scene. Lorrie Delk Walker set a meeting for Tuesday, November 27th at 7 p.m. at Polk County’s Unofficial Blogger’s Haven — Black and Brew ( 205 East Main Street )

You don’t need to write a blog to attend. You’re invited if you’re reading this, or if someone is reading it to you.

I appreciate Black and Brew staying open for our small group. It’s a testament to the extra mile they go to serve the community. (My daughter recommends the cake.)

We’ll be within a block of the rail tracks that bisect downtown Lakeland. You won’t need ear plugs, but come early in case “someone” blocks the tracks.