Lakeland in the News

Another in the series of Lakeland mentions by non-area bloggers and the occasional main stream media site.

WR T.J. Lawrence (6-2 190) of Lakeland, FL (Kathleen) made an unofficial visit to USC for the Florida game. Lawrence was favoring the Gamecocks before the visit, and despite the Gamecocks dissapointing loss to the Gators, Lawrence said Sunday he still has USC at the top of his list. “They didn’t win but that’s not going to affect my decision,” Lawrence said. — More at Palmetto Sports

Companies are already seeing the usefulness of a lighting system such as this one. A company by the name of Saddle Creek in Lakeland, Florida operates 15 warehouses in that area. Industrial engineer/manager at Saddle Creek, Tom Nepute says, “The intriguing part is the flexibility to set schedules of the lights to the schedule of the work force. For example, lights that would shut off in certain areas at the end of shifts or breaks. I could do what we call zoning off the warehousing.”– More at

Charles Frith of London England likes a photo of the Main Street Edwards-Macy storefront that was shot by Tampa resident, “JSDesign”. Got it?