Lakeland Election Numbers

I was looking over the “unofficial results” from Tuesday’s election for the at-large Lakeland City Commission seat. As I am sure you have read, the final numbers were:

3211 Troller for 43.07%
2650 Dockery for 35.54%
1595 Wade for 21.39%

I’m also sure you read that only about 15% of the eligible voters participated. (According to the nice folks over at Election Headquarters there were 49,516 eligible voters.) I won’t lecture you (today) about your need get to know the candidates’ positions and to vote. I’ll assume all my readers voted.

What I would like to do is present some numbers I found while looking over the election results and registered voter statistics as presented by those same fine folks over at Election Headquarters.*

• Of all 33** precincts — Dockery won eight, Wade took two, and Troller won 23.

• There were only three precincts that had at least 20% voter turnout.

#223 with 23.49%
#224 with 22.84%
#233 with 20.17%

• Dockery won two of those three precincts. As a matter of fact, of the top six precincts ranked by voter turnout, Dockery won four.

• Dockery had more than 50% of the votes in only one precinct. So did Wade, but there were only three total votes in that precinct. Troller had over 50% in 11 precincts, however eight of those were in the lowest 10 precincts (ranked by voter turnout).

What do I mean by low in an election where 15% was the average?

• There were four precincts with less than 7% voter turnout.

#210 with 6.7%
#214 with 6.1%
#241 with 4.22%
#115 with 3.66%

* — Registered voter information as of 11/1/2007. Note that the Election morning rolls included 555 fewer registered voters on the rolls. All stats above use the 11/1/2007 numbers.

** – The Board of Elections counted Precincts 107 and 112 as a single precinct.