Downtown Meetings

I spend far too much time at home. Occasionally, my wife demands I leave the house. That’s why you’ll find me at a couple of meetings this month. It’s a chance for you to pitch me a story idea or pitch my on my ear. Your call.

CSX Public Forum

Oddly enough, I plan to attend another meeting concerning the Polk County Rail Hub. This one is sponsored by the Downtown Lakeland Partnership. Their purpose?

1. To update the public on the current facts of the deal between CSX and the state.
2. To answer questions the public may have, and to allow the public to express their opinions on the issue.
3. To provide those who are interested and willing with a concrete action plan of opposition.

The meeting is 7 p.m. this Thursday (15th) at the Polk Theater. Parking is free. See this brochure for a map of downtown parking. (pdf)

There is no truth to the rumor the theater will follow the forum with a double feature of How Green Was My Valley and The Grapes of Wrath *.

Polk County Bloggers

The wonderful thing about this next meeting is that neither Josh nor I organized it! There is new blood in the local blogger scene. Lorrie Delk Walker set a meeting for Tuesday, November 27th at 7 p.m. at Polk County’s Unofficial Blogger’s Haven — Black and Brew ( 205 East Main Street )

You don’t need to write a blog to attend. You’re invited if you’re reading this, if someone is reading it to you, or if it is a chilly night and you’re caught outside without a jacket **.

I appreciate Black and Brew staying open until 9 pm for our small group. It’s a testament to the extra mile they go to serve the community. (My daughter still recommends the cake.)

We’ll be within a block of the rail tracks that bisect downtown Lakeland. You won’t need ear plugs, but come early in case “someone” blocks the tracks.

* – To newer readers of Lakeland Local. Yes, I sometimes am not as serious as you’d expect. This isn’t “mainstream media.” It’s closer to “Alternative media,” but it’s still journalism.

** – Lorrie, I reworked that sentence four times. mea culpa.