This just in…tomorrow

I tease the Polk County Today, Tomorrow the World! Ledger because I love our hometown paper. Seriously. The new print and online designs were major steps forward. And the paper certainly beats other Polk County dailies.

Anyway, occasionally you have to wonder what are they thinking. The Latest News section usually has, well, the latest news. Sometimes it simply is a tease:

Lakeland Chamber Not Vocal on CSX Plan
By Jeremy Maready

A recent edition of the Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce’s monthly newsletter might lead you to think the group is making a stand against the proposed CSX Integrated Logistics Center in Winter Haven.

But the group’s president says otherwise.

For several months representatives from the chamber, city, Lakeland Downtown Development Authority (LDDA) and Downtown Lakeland Partnership (DLP) have been meeting to discuss the impacts the facility will have on Lakeland.

For more information, read Tuesday’s edition of The Ledger.
Last modified: October 22. 2007 4:27PM

Isn’t there a place elsewhere for promos other than the latest news section?

And we all know “Lakeland Chamber Not Vocal on CSX Plan” isn’t news at all.

Well, at least they’re not still calling it Breaking News.