Reading and wondering

In today’s Ledger is a good article about a club I often drive past. I once wondered if the Tuesday Music Club had something to do with that old Sheryl Crow album. I’m glad to see it didn’t.

Cary McMullen has a pretty good article about the club, its history and the recent face lift. You should give it a read. The only error I spotted was an easy one to make. He wrote the club is in the “Lake Hollingsworth historic district.” It is actually in the Southern end of the Lake Morton Historic District. Here’s a map of all of the City of Lakeland neighborhoods and Historic Districts.

Lorrie — We’re wondering what is happening on the Delk side. Are you still there?

Earlier this week I wrote the entry, The Evolution of News, about an article in the Ledger and one blog response. One person quoted in the article, Joe Wolf, is the subject of a weekend interview in The Gradebook.

I’ve stumbled over an interesting Florida history blog. Check out Florida Traces. I can’t put my finger on who, but Jim seems familiar.

I never had a need for this, but RV owners have a website dedicated to reviewing RV parks. It seems the Lakeland RV resort on Old Combee gets high marks.

Does anyone else think it is silly that the Tampa Bay Area Regional Transportation Authority doesn’t have a Polk county representative?

As the authority moves forward, it will begin to create a system that links all seven counties, as well as Polk County, with a variety of rail, bus and road systems. While Polk is not represented on the authority, talk suggested that the system would be designed so that it could be extended through Polk.– Tampa Bay Business Journal

The Cleveland Heights Golf Course has a really nice write-up in Florida Golf Guide, but I wouldn’t say the course is “downtown.” For some reason, that article seems familiar. Has it been published elsewhere?

Thanks to Florida Southern and the Associated Press, Lakeland gets mentioned in the International Herald Tribune. “international” — now that is reaching for an audience. :)

Update: music club link fixed