Lakeland Thunderbolts to Skip 2008 AIFA Season

According to a report published on the American Indoor Football Association website, the Lakeland Thunderbolts have declined to participate in the 2008 AIFA season. This comes just months after the team won the league’s inaugural season.

“The issues here are internal to the franchise itself,” said AIFA co-founder John Morris from league headquarters in Baltimore. “The league very much desires a vibrant, successful franchise in Lakeland. During the past few months, we’ve worked hard with the Thunderbolts to try and achieve this goal.

The article alluded to the internal problems, but didn’t mention specifics. A little more than a year ago the Ledger interviewed the owners of the ThunderBolts after their 13-3 season in the National Indoor Football League. The team had fired GM Larry Kiernan after he admitted to embezzling funds. In April 2007, the team hired its third GM in three years, Bennie King.