Doing Business Today

In the old days (2000) if you needed a mechanic you’d ask your neighbors, look in the phone book, and call the Better Business Bureau (maybe).

Today, you’d look up mechanics in your area on the Net. Not simply on a phone directory site, but maybe a general search. And you’re likely to find something like this:

He could have just as easily “changed” her brakes and charged her a couple hundred bucks, and she would never have been the wiser – neither would we. Thank God for an honest mechanic who was willing to help our daughter! —

That’s from a recent blog post entitled “If You’re Ever in Lakeland, FL and need your breaks fixed..” and refers to an experience some travelers had at Brake World on Memorial Blvd. Now, I don’t the writer, a minister from Level Cross, NC or the folks at Brake World, but you can bet I’ll at least give that company a call when I need brakes.

It used to be that if you made a customer happy or upset, only a few found out. Now, what you do to or for a customer can be read by many and for months and years after the event.

I think every good business owner is happy to know that.