Dizzy Rambler

If you’re interested in the history of Polk County musicians, Circus World, or Boardwalk & Baseball, then free up an hour and read Carl Chambers site, Dizzy Rambler.

It seems three or four of my childhood favorites had a connection to Polk County music. (I still own Jim Stafford’s singles. Ask your grandfather what was a single.)

Chambers’ site also features Central Florida Garage bands of the 1960s, Polk Pickers of the 70s and 80s, WGTO Radio, and, of course, the amusement parks at I-4 and Highway 27: Circus World and Boardwalk & Baseball. The site is well-designed, informative, and fun.

Tommy Duncan, of Sticks of Fire fame, found Chambers’ site when he stumbled over a news video on the closing of Circus World. The report features an HBJ spokesperson talking about something “new and exciting” — Boardwalk & Baseball. It didn’t do much better than Circus World.