Watching the Watcher

Remember when we all laughed at a request about the definition of “is?” Well, can you give me the definition of build?

Tom Palmer has decided he enjoyed the CSX article in Sunday’s Tampa Tribune. (Aside: I was glad to see Tom actually mention the rival newspaper. The next step is to get him to link to the articles referenced.)

However, he felt there were “two glaring errors.” First, he chided the Tribune reporters for claiming that CSX purchased 1,250 acres from Winter Haven. I don’t see that in their article, but in a sidebar time line that ran in the print edition: ‘after CSX buys 1250 acres in Winter Haven.”

The article makes it plain the deal hasn’t been finalized, ‘But the deal wasn’t finished before Bush left office at the end of 2006, and it still isn’t.” (Tribune)

The other issue Palmer has with the piece? “The predevelopment agreement will not give CSX the right to build anything pending completion of the DRI review.”

“to construct (esp. something complex) by assembling and joining parts or materials:’ according to Random House.

In a letter from the state it makes it sound like the they would favor a preliminary development agreement…

The letter said the state agency would work with CSX on a preliminary development agreement (PDA) that “would allow CSX to construct a substantial portion of the overall project prior to the issuance of a Development of Regional Impact Development Order.” — The Ledger

For more background see the Ledger article; CSX to Ask for early start at Transfer Site. In that article, Brian Sodt, a contractor for the Regional Planning Council mentioned:

Companies involved in pre-development agreements normally don’t begin building, Sodt said. Clearing land or creating a stormwater system are normal procedures for companies that have entered into these agreements

Now, I would consider leveling land as the first step toward building a house, but evidently rail companies level land for fun.

Palmer never explained what he considered “omissions,’ but his final three paragraphs miss three other points. Please read his post so I don’t have to fully quote it here:

(1) On contributions: it’s not just what comes out of one’s pocket, but more importantly– how much you can get other people to pull from their pockets.

(2) On control of the rails: Palmer missed the point. It isn’t just running passenger rails on CSX lines. It’s letting CSX write the plan..

(3) On “passenger rail:” Palmer might not think passenger rail benefits local commuters, but his opinion isn’t shared by others. Read this Ledger article from April 29, 2006: “High-Speed Rail Plan Along I-4 Down, But Still Not Out

I like the lead:

Who hasn’t driven Interstate 4 and thought that there has to be a better way — a train perhaps?

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  1. Is this all for not? I believe CSX will be closing on the site Sept. 28, 2007 and will be one step closer.

  2. Is this all for not? I believe CSX will be closing on the site Sept. 28, 2007 and will be one step closer.

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