Of Numbing Cream and Dog Poo

Writing isn’t a new gig for Lorrie Delk Walker. Staying home all day and writing about dental concerns, numbing creams, and lawn mowing neighbors — that’s new.

Walker is another Lakeland blogger. She is doing it for fun and profit. Well, mostly fun, and I didn’t really inquire about profit. We met today at Black and Brew to discuss her blog, Tales from the Delk Side. Actually, she has two blogs with the same name. The other is at Polk Voice, and that’s how I came to meet her. She had posted a call for help which I was happy to answer.

Walker’s blog focuses on her concerns. She’s a freelance writer who once worked at The Ledger. Which, by the way, she said was often called The Lakeland Ledger in her presence. Her writing is crisp, witty, and occasionally eye opening. I now know entirely too much about laser hair removal.

Her blog has a bit about freelancing, but she also keeps a separate business page: Lorrie Walker Communications.

Take the time to check out her blog, but make sure you’re not the least bit squeamish.