Green Bags

Except for handing to dog walkers around Lake Hollingsworth, we don’t have a lot of use for those plastic bags we get at Publix. So today we picked up some of the Green Bags they’re selling at the check out counter.

For $1.50 the canvas bag holds much more than a plastic bag, sits flat, and, of course, is reusable. Being green, we assumed they were a Publix product. However, Green Bag is a company out of Ireland that has gone a long way toward making the environment a little less depleted, and a lot cleaner.

From the Green Bag website:

• 100% recyclable and totally re-usable
• Packing and carrying capacity of 3-4 plastic bags eliminating thousands of harmful bags over its lifespan
• Our materials are water repellent and so avoids bacteria or foul odours
• Our materials are non toxic, non corrosive, non-allergenic

We’ve liked them on the trip home. They stayed up in the trunk, were easy to carry inside, and saved a couple of trips to the car.

Now, we’re just going to have to wean the dog walkers from our plastic bags.