Find an apartment in Lakeland

I stumbled over an interesting site that lets people rate the apartments where they live. Listed are 51 Lakeland, Florida apartment complexes, though only 37 are rated. Prices, locations, and other information is listed for each complex.

The complexes with the best recommended scores were Willowbrooke Apartments and Audubon Oaks.

Casually looking through the reviews you’ll find deposit and repair arguments are a common theme. Some reviews are good, some bad, and some are like this:

Worst apartment complex ever. The only perk was the size of the place – and the rent was reasonable for teh location. The staff was unprofessional and nasty, to say the least. Bats, many cockroaches, termite infestation, lizards in the cabinets, etc. And they had the nerve to not give us our deposit back! The A/C never worked right, even after being “fixed” almost weekly. The police have come so many times for “noise” and were annoyed to find my roomate and myself watching TV quietly.