Barry Friedman announced it before it took his long weekend, Josh Hallett mentioned it this morning, and the Ledger has a story on it, but I thought I’d also throw in my two-cents.

Make sure you check out the Ledger’s site on Tuesday. I don’t know exactly what time Barry plans to throw the switch, but the new site is a great improvement over the present one.

That’s not saying it is perfect. I find one aspect very “user un-friendly.” However, I understand the push of economics. I’ll share my thoughts in greater detail Wednesday, after you’ve had the chance to take a look.

The paper’s forum already has quite a few comments concerning the changes. A couple of users wondered if the paper plans to charge for access. Ledger reporter Heidi DeVries replied there are no plans she’s aware of.

I do wonder how long before local newspapers must charge for complete access to their news sites. If that ever happens, I’d love to see an opposite approach that that taken by some papers.

Many papers charge for access to the archives. I’d rather see a paper charge me for today’s news (and maybe yesterday’s) and give free access to the archives. Back in my youth, old newspapers were called “fish wrappers” because that’s what old news was good for.

In any case, if you’re a fan of the print Ledger and look askance on the online version, give the improved a look. You’ll like it.