Winter Haven’s Gravy Train

In honor of Josh Hallett’s train idiom titled posts, I want to remind Lakeland residents that the CSX Hub project is Winter Haven’s gravy train.

And in case you haven’t heard that term, let’s look to Wikipedia: “In politics, “gravy train” refers to a depraved gorging on luxuries, since someone else foots the bill.”

Winter Haven is going to make a lot of money selling their land, and Lakeland and Polk residents are going to foot the bill if this project goes through. I’ve tried to stay impartial to this project, but I’ve heard little from CSX, Winter Haven, and the state that convinces me that this project isn’t a part of a state boondoggle. But more on that, and Josh’s posts, later.

This Friday (10:30 to 1:30 in Munn Park) the Downtown Lakeland Partnership is staging a rally for those interested in the CSX project. As Diane Lacey Allen pointed out, this is an old-fashioned approach to community involvement. At least the DLP is trying to involve the community. It’s a much better approach than the elitist attitude displayed by the Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce in May.