Lakeland Crime Map July 30 to Aug 12

Most crime ever!!!

Actually, this week’s map covers crime reported for two weeks. Due to unforeseen circumstances we couldn’t get the data last week.

Map After Jump


12 – Business Burglary
01 – Business Robbery
01 – Gang Graffiti
02 – Personal Robbery
33 – Residential Burglary
02 – Residential Robbery
04 – Attempted Stolen Vehicles
04 – Recovered Stolen Vehicles
15 – Stolen Vehicles
54 – Vehicle Burglary

CommunityWalk Map – Crime Map 07/30 to 08/12

On to the usual explanation…

You’ll notice the top right corner of the map has a pull-down entitled “Legend.” Pull that down to find check boxes for each category listed on the map. Now you can see only those categories that interest you. They’re all easy to toggle on and off.

In addition to the house icon for Residential Burglaries, we have auto icons for Stolen Vehicles and Recovered Stolen Vehicles. Plus, for the occasional Residential Robbery we’ll show a bed. Note: Vehicle Burglaries are “salmon” icons. That category covers almost half the items on the map. Anything too bold overwhelms the map.

This week we’re covering
Lakeland Significant Calls for Service for July 23 – Aug 12, 2007.

Notes: You can click on a map pin to see the address and type of report. Click and hold to grab the map and move it around. When you click on a pin the address and call time is listed in the pop-up windows. You can also find a full page version of this map.

Please note this is basic information that has not been subjected to further investigation or crime analysis. Some calls may eventually be cleared as unfounded from what was originally reported or may have been cleared by the arrest of an offender. – Disclaimer from the LPD site

The Lakeland Police Department is using this map on their blog, Inside. The Lakeland Ledger also features this map as part of their weekly crime maps.

Tampa has a similar map.

Note: The information is supplied by the LPD. (Thanks to CCA Wallace)

I use OpenOffice and CommunityWalk to make the map. This week MapQuest helped me find some addresses.